JTS Technologies is pioneering software development for Small and Medium Enterprises. JTS Technologies was founded with a vision of delivering high quality software products at an attractive price with out any hidden cost. Delivering Excellence is the primary objective of JTS Technologies. JTS has a team of high caliber R&D professionals and our products are based on latest Technology and Industry Standards. Smart software products from our Research Lab have been designed to provide complete solution for all your IT needs.

EduCute, MediSmart, FinSmart and ePharm are suite of software products from JTS Technologies used for automating business organisations. Smart solutions help to automate all transactions of Institutions and SMEs. You can computerise your organisation with software from JTS Technologies and get rid of the paper work and book keeping process. This will enable your employees concentrate on your core business areas; thereby increasing the productivity of the organisation.

Our mission is to help Institutions and Industries join the IT revolution at an affordable low price. Customer Satisfaction being the primary focus of JTS, we pay special attention to the business goals of your organisation and provide customised software solutions. We help the organisations with continuous after sales support so that your employees are well trained and IT infrastructure is best utilised to automate your organisation. Our mission is built on the following five principles

JTS Technologies is head quartered in Chennai; with its world class Research and Development facility situated near the IT Corridor of Chennai and a regional sales office in Tirunelveli.

If you are interested in understanding how we can help you to join the IT revolution, please contact us. We will be happy to provide free demo and trial software. For more information, kindly contact us at  info@jts.co.in